Дій, Замостя!
Dii, Zamostia!
Spatial Development Platform of Zamostia


Go Ahead, Zamostia is a communication platform featuring the results of the Zamostia Development Model project. This project forms the foundation for the long-term development of the Zamostia district in the city of Vinnytsia and is based on the following strategic documents:

  • Vinnytsia 2020 Development Strategy

  • Integrated Urban Transport and Spatial Development Strategy

  • Integrated Urban Development Concept Vinnytsia 2030.

The Zamostia Development Model takes into account various planning solutions aimed at the harmonious development of interrelated areas of life of the district and its residents.

Умовні позначення

Investment Map

List of Locations and Facilities

Zamostianska Street
Railway Station Square (Pryvokzalna)
Peremohy Square
Khimik Park
Heroiv Chornobylia Square
Batozka Street

About the Project

Go Ahead, Zamostia platform is a structured repository of data developed by the Agency for Spatial Development while working on the Zamostia Development Model project. The data includes information on housing, social infrastructure, employment, transport, recreational areas, general environmental assessment, and economic indicators.

The website contains descriptions of locations and projects that have been completed, are being carried out or are planned to be carried out in the Zamostia district, namely: Zamostianska Street Reconstruction, VinMile Project, Reconstruction of Pryvokzalna, Peremohy and Heroiv Chornobylia Squares, Khimik Reconstruction and SKA Reconstruction.

The platform enables visitors to see the entire area of Zamostia and the current state of major projects.


To create an open and accessible database related to the spatial development of the Zamostia district. To give an understanding of the development of individual locations. To engage active residents in the process of development of Zamostia.

Target Audience

Vinnytsia City Council
Zamostia and City Residents
Public Organizations
Sponsors and Partners

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